I began my serious study of photography about 10 years ago, although serious and good are not necessarily synonymous. I started with film, my trusty Hasselblad X-pan in hand, plodding intently through the streets of NYC, looking for that perfect image, trying to develop my artistic vision as well as hone my technical skills.

I trained at the International Center for Photography in NYC with classes on advanced darkroom techniques, photojournalism, multimedia storytelling and portraiture. Although not a full time student (I was in advertising at the time, and currently I am a Patent and Intellectual Property Attorney), I could be found most nights in the studio; in the darkroom or chained to a developer. Although digital had entered the photography world, digital cameras were initially limiting and couldn’t live up to the quality  of black and white film, especially in print quality, (although color photography progressed much more quickly). Once the technology improved, I embraced the digital world and now shoot exclusively with the Canon Eos 5D Mark II.  But I still love film and have strived to make my digital work recreate that look and feel, both on screen and in print. The images on these pages are a mix of digital and scanned negatives. My hope is that for many of you, it will be difficult to discern the difference. Then at least one of my goals will have been achieved.

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