How to Release a Press Release?

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How to Release a Press Release?

Among the myriad of SEO tactics available, few are more successful the press release or news release.  News stories are one way to quickly move to the top of the targeted keyword search queries.  But what is news?  News can be almost anything.  That is, you can base your news on your keyword targets.

It is not hard to release a press release, but there are a few tricks. The SEO ecosystem heavily rewards sites that post keyword heavy news articles. You need to take the time to find the proper keyword targets.  But let’s say you have done the research.  You have found those keywords that have a low competition and high search queries, but you aren’t getting the traffic from those search terms that you truly want.  You might want to try to draft and release a press release online which pushes your targeted keyword combination.

Its a fairly easy process.  The first step is to decide on the news release topic.  I usually get that topic based on effective keyword phrases I have found using Google’s Keyword Tool.  Keep it short and Sweet and then add it to your website.  Your site should probably have its own menu area for press releases.  They shouldn’t be combined with your blog.  For a successful press release, you need to follow a few rules.

  •  First you need a great exciting headline that should include your keyword phrase
  • Your first paragraph should have the main idea and also use your keyword phrase.  (One point here; each press release, blog, or product page should have it own keyword phrase, so the site maximizes its reach and potential)
  • That main idea should also be replicated in the pages meta-description.  (I use Yoast SEO plugin so at the bottom of the page you will see an area for the meta description)
  • Then you should write a good quality news body with keyword text seeded throughout.
  • Then have your contact information at the end.

Use best SEO practices for your releases.  For more detail on best practices, see this article or for another great resource, visit One other trick is to bold or underline keywords within your body text to increase their importance.  Search engines will give preferential treatment to bolds, or alternate heading styles. But most critical is to make your title and meta-description interesting, snappy and inviting.  That is what the reader will see first so you need to grab them with it.  Also, remember that any images you use within the press release itself should have your keywords in the image title, caption, alt tag, and description so you can gain a little extra keyword love from the search engines.

Once you have the press release drafted, it is time to get it out into syndication.  My favorite way to do this is through PR Web.  It’s the easiest, but it’s also the most expensive.  Head over to their site if you want to try it out.  But if you prefer a free alternative, two of the best free news syndication services are PRLOG and PitchEngine. You’ll need to sign up for a profile. Make sure you have a good company description ready.  Just copy and paste your article from your site into these sites.  Make sure you pay attention to a few things that may be different than the news story as posted on your site:

  • Make sure your headline includes your target keywords
  • Write a catchy one sentence summary which becomes the meta description
  • Make sure after the first or second paragraph you embed your web address.  The full web address, do not use url shorteners.
  • Also add a prominent link from your website into the release.
  • Add a description of the company as well as the author at the end.

That’s it.  Give it a shot.  See what happens. Combine this technique with your current SEO strategies and you should see some action. If you don’t have an SEO strategy, there are more than enough books and articles around the web to get you started and you can always come back to this site to find some useful information. If over time, you don’t see any benefit from your PR efforts, then you will need to go back and look at your content and structure, make sure everything is up to SEO standards. If done correctly, you should have no problem gaining traction for your site.

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